Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Things are going well!!

I am FINALLY getting around to sending out and (exciting!!) update.  My dad is still at home and has been there for over a month now.  Don't they say once you hit 30 days you have created a habit....?  We are all CERTAINLY glad to get out of the hospitalization habit!!  He has been going to the doctor 1-3 times a week, so defiantly an improvement from before!
We are excited to announce that he got all of his drainage tubes (3 of them in his abdomen draining the abscesses that formed around his liver) removed yesterday!  He is going to the Infectious Disease doctor later today to find out the status on his infections and antibiotics.  He currently receives IV antibiotics at home and has been for about 6 weeks.  Today he will find out how much longer that will be or, if he might be able to switch to PO antibiotics. 
On Monday (2/28), dad visited the cardiologist and they said all of the concerns regarding his heart are pretty much resolved!  There was some fluid accumulation and consistent high heart rate during his most recent ICU stay.  However, after yesterday, that has cleared and resolved and they will begin weaning his cardio medications as soon as he is done with the antibiotics. 
We are praying that all goes well at the ID doctor today and that he is free from infections as well.  My mom is about to go nuts if she goes much longer without coming up here to visit Olive!! 
Again, I can't express enough how amazing everyone has been with supporting our family through prayer and tangible help over the past months.  Thank you!!!  Although it has been difficult at times, we have been blessed by this experience and appreciate you all so much.