Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update 2/1/2011

Hi everyone,
So, I have been super busy the past few weeks, but I really wanted to get out this quick update:
Dad is doing really well!  It has been SO awesome to talk to him over the last few days.  He has so much more energy and seems to be feeling so much better.  Hopefully, the new regimen of tube feedings and IV antibiotics are just what he needed to get over the hump in his recovery.  He is on a closely monitored amount of medication for all sorts of things, and he gets formula for protein and other nutrients through a nasal tube for 10 hours at night.  Happily, he is still able to eat by mouth during the day, and continues to remain hydrated as well.  We are not sure when this regimen will be weaned, but right now it is work really well.  We are so glad to have him "back".  He has been making some jokes, iChatting with Olive online, hooking up a new wireless printer, getting his hair and beard cut (Colin gave him a goatee like his), and he just seems to be recovering physically and mentally now!
The most exciting thing this week was that he attended church service at Friendly Ave Church of Christ.  I was SO excited to see some people from Friendly posting messages on their Facebook page on Sunday that they had seem my dad at church earlier in the day.  I talked with my dad about it and he said it was an emotional time.  To be gone for so long, have such amazing support and encouragement from everyone, and then have the opportunity to return to worship with that family was an amazing experience for all of us! 
Thank you all for your support and prayers!  We all appreciate it more than I can describe!  I am confident that I will be sending out more positive updates over the next few weeks!

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