Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update 1/25/2011

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to give you all another quick "David Update".  My dad continues to make some small improvements with his overall functioning and health.  He is currently in a regular room at Baptist Hospital.  He is now being followed by his original surgery team, an Ifectious Disese team, a dietician, and a cardiology team.  Last week, I received this email from my mom:
A couple weeks ago Dr. Howerton, with Dr. Zarely, have a  new resident going around with them.  He is very nice.  He went to Harvard.  One day this past week he had come in to see Dad, and told us that Dad and I were the Howerton team's, favorite patient and family.  Dr. Zarely said we are their nicest patient.  We hope it is God's light shining through us.

I sent a message via Facebook to the CEO of Apple, Steve's wife,  don't remember his last name.  She emailed me back, and ask me what complications Dad had, and where Dad had his surgery.

Dad is doing very well.  He just needs to get strength back
So, my dad is doing well and my mom is doing okay too.  Apparently, she is now friends with Steve Jobs wife and they have been sharing their experiences with their husbands simliar medical issues. 
Earlier today, my dad recieved an MRI of his heart.  It was really difficult for him to stay still and quite in the MRI.  He said he got very uncomfortable at one point and had to get out.  It took 45 min and he said he just closed his eyes and prayed the entire time.  We are waiting for the cardiologist to come and share the results.  The reason they wanted to do this MRI is because a few days ago, an echocardiogram showed some decreased strengh and they want to make sure they are not missing anything concerning with his heart.
We are also slightly concerned because he had a slight fever (99 degrees) the past two nights.  The fever returns to normal during the day.  However, that is how the past three infections have started, so we are praying that there is not an infection returning and that if there is, we will catch it early on.
Other than these issues, my dad is feel a bit better.  He is eating small amounts and tolerating the small amount of tube feedings.  He is breathing a bit better is is off of the oxegyn.  He also started PT this weekend and is now walking around a bit with a walker.  We want him to come home, but are VERY willing to wait until some of these medical issues are resolved.  Please continue to pray that he will make continued progress over the next week.  Small steps in the right direction are what we want!  Thank you!!

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