Saturday, December 11, 2010

Update 12/10/2010

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to give a brief update.  I don't have much time, it has been a busy weekend.  And I also want to make sure I mention how amazingly wonderful all of you are to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  It has been so amazing to receive such encouraging calls and emails from everyone supporting us.  And, thank you to all of you who have been so generous with your time and assistance with things at my mom's home and with taking care of Aaron! 

Here is the update:  Thursday, my dad (David) was having some trouble tolerating his food.  He is taking in minimal nutrition at this point, so they were concerned and ordered an x-ray and CT scan.  The CT scan showed an abscess (about the size of a grapefruit) on his liver (just below it actually).  He was discharged from the rehab center and taken back to the main hospital at Wake Forest Baptist Medical center.  It was another set back, but it seems we are getting used to it at this point.  He was taken to surgery about 2pm on Friday.  They placed a drain in that abscess and he now has another tube coming out of his abdomen that is allowing that bad fluid to get out of his body.  He is still receiving IV saline fluids and is now also receiving an IV antibiotic just in case.  He is looking a bit better and getting a little stronger each day.  One focus of our prayers right now is to pray that dad is able to tolerate and will be interested in eating.  It is so important at this point for him to get proper nutrition and will allow for continued healing of the rest of his body.  

We are hoping that when the Doctors come to look at him on Monday, he will be cleared to return to the Sticht Center for rehab and then from there he will be discharged home.  :)  My mom is beginning to try not to look forward to discharge too much.  But, it is something to look forward to! 

Thanks so much again to everyone.  Olive and I are leaving tomorrow to head back to DC.  We will be back after Christmas.  It has been difficult to be hear and also still taking care of our responsibilities at home.  It has made everything so much better to know my mom, Colin, Aaron, and my dad have a wonderful support network around them here in Greensboro!  Thanks to all!!


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