Thursday, December 9, 2010

Update 12/9/2010

Hi Everyone,
It has been a little while since we have updated everyone.  Dad (David) is making some progress and experiencing some set-backs as well.  Overall, he is stable and we are still so thankful that he is doing better!  Today I (Sarah) went to visit him at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center's Sticht Center.  This is the intensive rehabilitation center for acute rehab.  He is getting lots of therapy.  He gets Occupational therapy and Physical therapy for 1 1/2 hours each, every day.  This is second day and as of this morning, we was tolerating it, but due to some medical concerns, he is very weak and is having a difficult time staying awake at times. 

Today, the medical staff decided to give dad a few units of blood due to his very low blood pressure.  His hemoglobin level is at 9, and they want it to be around 12.  Additionally, he is not tolerating the food/liquid he has been taking.  He has not been able to keep it down very well.  So, we are praying, very much so, that he begins to tolerate taking food by mouth, or that they give him some other source of nutrition.  Hopefully with receiving the blood and resolving the nutrition issues, we will see an increase in his strength and alertness.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been supporting us and praying for my dad's continued health!  We have a constant flow of support and it has been SO encouraging!  My co-workers gave me a gas card for my most recent trip down to NC from DC.  Josh received a "donation" from someone that gave him the financial ability to stay an extra week that was really needed.  Colin has received gas and other gift cards since he is the one who is taking Aaron back and forth to school and driving out to Winston-Salem everyday.  We have received groceries, dog food, dinners, and other needed items that have helped so much with the everyday tasks!  We have received calls of concerns and support from all over the world!  We received a call from Afghanistan a few weeks ago! 

I am planning to leave on Sunday, so I am expecting that my mom will need some continued help with things next week.  If anyone is interested in getting groceries for my mom, Aaron, and Colin for late next week, please email ( me or call (336.267.5879) and I can give you a small list of things that would be helpful.  Also, I am sure my mom will need some help picking up Aaron next week, so if you are able to help with that, just let me know!

The following is a little note my mom sent to a few people yesterday, I thought I would include it in this update since it gives a pretty good idea of how she is doing at this point:

David is now in the Rehab Sticht Center, at Wake Forrest Baptist Hosp.  He is weak physically.  Please pray he will regain his strength, endurance, and ability to eat, with his food digesting correctly.  It is hard for him to eat but a few bites of food, before he starts feeling bloated and full.   Pray also for his glucose levels to go down, so he will be able to stop taking insulin.
God is good, and has already answered prayers by healing him over the past few days.  His temperature is normal, and respiratory infection is gone.  He can get up and down in bed by himself, and take a few steps alone.
He has a room in rehab which has a large window, with the morning sun coming in to warm him, provide some vitamin D, and lift his mood.  The sunlight is good, it brightens everything.  The Son-light can brighten the darkness in our lives.  We are so blessed.  Yesterday when I came home our house was clean, and clothes washed.  Monday night when I came home, our house was decorated with lights, and we had a Christmas tree in our dining room, decorated.  I WAS EXCITED, THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!  I'M GETTING IN THE CHRISTMAS MOOD.  THANK YOU GOD FOR OUR HOMES, AND FREEDOM TO CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF YOUR SON THE WAY WE CHOOSE.

We received a Get Well card from friends in Minnesota, (Mark & Beth Chenoweth.)  Their church is praying for David, as well as Churches, and family in:

New York
North Carolina
Missouri, and

Merry Christmas.
David, Cheri, and Aaron

Thanks again to everyone!


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