Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Update 12/14/2010

My dad is doing really well.  So far, this is the first time we have gone 4-5 days without any type of set-back!  This is getting exciting now!  He is much more alert and seems a little stronger everyday.  His blood pressure, temperature, oxygen and everything look good.  He is now able to get up and walk across his hospital room by himself.  He is now getting up to go on longer "walks", approx 100 feet, 2-3 times a day.  One things that is VERY exciting is that he is eating and tolerating his diet.  The doctor told my mom told that his protein level is increasing, which is what we want since it was so extremely low.  He has been tolerating small meals, 3 times a day, since Saturday! 
The abscess on his liver is still draining into a small container hanging from his abdomen.  The doctor has said that he expects that the drain will remain in place for 3-4 weeks.  Other than that small tube, he has been disconnected from EVERYTHING else!!!  No IVs, no antibiotics, no oxygen!  Yay!  He is still being followed by a wound care nurse to ensure the continued healing of his abdomen (from the original surgery), but to date it looks really good and appears to be healing well.  The doctors do not feel concerned about his fistula at all, they feel that it has closed and has healed.  It is amazing that it has, considering the lack of nourishment and how sick dad was over the past few weeks.  God is good!  :)
So, the hospital is planning to send him back to the rehabilitation center, the Sticht center, today or tomorrow.  We are just waiting for some insurance stuff to get worked out.  And, after rehab, he will be going home.  From what I see, as a therapist, I feel that he will need 1-2 weeks of rehab.  So, we are praying he will be home for Christmas!  What a wonderful Christmas present that would be!
Thank you so much to everyone who has been helping my mom while I am back here in DC.  It has been a blessing to know she doesn't have to go the the grocery store or bother with other things after a long day at the hospital.  Thank you so much!!  If anyone is interested in helping in the next few weeks, I know that my mom, and Colin could really benefit from some gas cards.  Both are making daily, and sometimes 2-3 times a day, trips from Greensboro to Winston-Salem.  Not to mention it is $4/day to park at Baptist Hospital.  It's beginning to add up.  That is something that would be helpful right now.  If you would like my mom's or Colin's address, email me and let me know.  I believe we are set until I return for groceries.  My mom called me so excited this morning because some deliveries were made last night and she was thrilled to be able to send Aaron to school with a good breakfast and to know a dinner was ready to pop in the oven tonight!  Thank you!!
I have one small request as well- does anyone have a carseat that my mom could borrow from the 28th-31st of this month that would fit a 19 month old?  We will be flying in and I really don't want to pay the fee to bring Olive's car seat.  :)
Please continue to pray with us that my dad will continue to tolerate his diet and therapy.  We are also praying that he will begin to regain some of his old self and begin to have some motivation to get stronger.  It was so amazing to see him smile at Olive (his granddaughter) when we were there last time.  My mom said that was the first time she has seen him smile in about a month.  Thankfully, Olive and I are going to be able to return right after Christmas, and Charlie, my husband will be joining me on the 31st.  Josh (and we are praying for Meryl too) is also flying back from CO on the 30th, so we will all be back home again!
Thanks again for all the support and prayers. We love everyone of you who has helped us get through this time.  We are so blessed!
Thank you,

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