Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is Dad's (David's) Birthday!  He is celebrating by being in a regular hospital room and getting an evaluation by a physical therapist today.  We are all so thankful that we can celebrate another birthday with him and that he continues to get better.

Currently, Dad is still hooked up to many tubes and bags, so we are still asking that visitors wait to visit when the risk of infection is not so high.  He has had his share of infections and since it is cold and flu season, we want to prevent the spread of germs as much as possible.

Josh is still in NC helping with Aaron and doing some handyman jobs around the house.  He is planning to leave on Saturday to fly back to Denver.  It was such a blessing that he was able to stay longer, help with so many things, and provide some support for Aaron and Colin.  Sarah and Olive are planning to drive back down to NC from the DC area next week.  We are still waiting to see how dad does over the next few days and see when it would be most beneficial.

Cheri still needs our prayers and support since she is now staying at the hospital 24/7 and doing as much of David's care as she can.  Thank you so much for the amazing network of strength and support you all have provided over the last few weeks.  It is such an amazing feeling to feel love from so many people!  Thanks!!!!

Sarah and the rest of the Pikett family

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