Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Good Update!

I think this will be the first time I have sent out two updates in a row with good news!!  Yay!  We are so blessed to have my dad home and to be making continual improvements!  We are additionally very blessed to have such a supportive network of people helping my mom and supporting her so that she can continue to care for my dad. 
Yesterday morning, I asked my dad how he was feeling.  For the first time in three months he said, "good, I feel pretty good"!!!!!!!!!  Another exciting thing that happened, is that he felt hungry.  If you know about the Whipple procedure that he had, you know that the number one concern is nutrition and eating afterwards.  Over the past three months he has lost about 60 lbs and has had no desire to eat and it has impacted his recovery.  However, at 3am yesterday morning, he woke up and was HUNGRY (!!) and had to get up to get something to eat!  I think he said he ate an orange. 
Josh is still in town and helping my mom with things around the house.  I will be coming back next weekend as well to help out a little bit and so that Olive can keep my dad entertained and motivated!  :)  Currently, I do not think that my mom has any great need for anything.  I really appreciate all the offers of help.  We are still not ready for many visitors, to help with preventing any possibility of infection right now.  Just knowing that people are so willing and continue to lift him up in prayer is such a blessing.  Our hope is that my dad will continue on this path of strengthening and recovery and that the doctor will be able to remove his abscess drains and that the blood thinners will continue to do their job safely. 
Again, we appreciate all the prayers and support.  Thanks so much! 

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  1. So relieved to here this great report on David's positive progress. Will continue praying for him and his wonderful family. (HUG)