Friday, January 14, 2011

UPDATE 1/14/2011

Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for the outpouring of prayers and support we have received and FELT over the past 12 hours.  Although this is a difficult situation, we have all been able to smile and remain encouraged by the support we have received.  Yesterady, my dad passed out on the way to a doctors appointment.  My mom said that he was clutching his chest, complain of indigestion, and then began to mumble and slur his words.  Of course, my mom began to drive fast, and "crazy" according to Aaron.  She was honking and yelling at people and yelling at my dad to "hang in there".  After a minute or two, my dad came around and said, "Cheri, I'm okay, don't kill me."  :)  Then, when they arrived at the ER, he wasn't having a heart attack or stroke, but he had very low blood pressure, was dehydrated, and had a fever of 101.8.  Aaron later told me that he has a bruise from banging around in the back of the van when mom was driving "crazy".  :) 

Unfortunately, however, my dad is now in the ICU at Baptist hospital.  He returned to the ICU last night around midnight after his fever suddenly reached 106.  For all you medical people who probably have questions, it was an internal temp and they immediately got him on a cooling blanket, gave him additional fluids, called his doctor and transferred him to the ICU.  My mom decided to go home and try to sleep last night, so she was not here when he was moved.  Typical of my dad, although he was a bit delusional from the fever, he asked his nurse to NOT call my mom.  Believe me, we were all upset this morning when we found THAT out! 

Currently, we have found out that he has another abscess near his fistula wound.  This is what they believe is causing the infection, high fever, and all the other complications.  He is currently on oxegyn, has a central line and is recieving blood (3 units), plasma, fluids, and antibiotics.  Of course, with the ICU and other additional things caused by all this, my dad is very uncomfortable and very discouraged that he is back and in this condition.  Within the next hour, he will be returning to surgery to have another drain (#3) inserted to drain this abscess.  One of the doctors told us today that there is a possibility he might develop some complications from the drain placement due to how weak and de-conditioned he is right now.  With the previous drain placements, they did not mention this.  So, we are concerned for this procedure, and would greatly appreciate the prayers that everyone continues to lift up for us!

Olive and I are here for the next few days, and I will try to keep everyone updated.  I really appreciate the help everyone has been.  Currently, I would like to ask that everyone specifically ask for prayers for me and mom when we speak with the Doctors.  We are hoping to ask for some additional support with some other specialists and we are hoping that more eyes might help.  Please pray that his medical team will be guided while caring for him. 


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