Friday, January 21, 2011

Update 1/21/2011

My dad is now in a regular hospital room at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.  He is stable and the new team of doctors are very proactive and staying on top of things really well this time around.  I spoke to my mom this morning, and he got up and out of bed today and will hopefully start walking and getting around a bit more.
They put him back on oxygen due to some chronic shortness of breath he has been experiencing.  He now has a feeding tube in place and is receiving liquid nutrition into his intestines.  He has had a little trouble tolerating this new regimen, and they are trying to find the correct amount that he will tolerate.  He had some lasix therapy yesterday and today and has responded well.  He had quite a lot of fluids from last weekend still hanging around and there was some build up of fluid in his lungs and other areas.  However, that is improving.  He also received an echocardiogram and the doctor told my mom that his heart is weak right now.  They are planning on giving him some medication to bring his elevated heart rate down, and to help his blood pressure stabilize.  The doctors feel that this is important and will help the rest of his body to heal, and hopefully they will find the reason his heart rate remains to high soon.
So, although he is not near discharge quite yet, we continue to hope and pray that he will continue on this course and recover without any major set backs. 
Thank you all for the amazing support and prayers, once again.  Thank you, thank you!!!


  1. Good news, David may be going home by next Wednesday. The surgeon said his goal for David is to get rid of as much plastic as possible. It seems right now the antibiotic they are using is doing the trick. No fever in five days, YEH!! Now David needs to start gaining strength to start walking around, again.

  2. Great! I'll keep praying for all of you.