Monday, November 29, 2010

Update 11/29

Hi All,

First of all, I am so sorry that no one received an update last night. My internet connection was a little touch and go, so it looks like it was stuck in my outbox.  However, this news is worth the wait.    I went to visit Dad on my way to the airport and I was so excited, I decided to pay an entire seven dollars for internet access so that I could share the excitement with you all.  If you know anything about the Piketts, we are frugal to our core.  Although I am a Pikett by marriage, there is no denying that it has rubbed off on me... just to put things into perspective. 

Dad is getting better!! he told us today that they are thinking of moving him out of ICU and into a regular room within the next few days.  His fever is steadily going down and was at 100.6 when we left.  The wound doctor said that his incision looks good and both his liver enzymes and white blood cells continue to go down.  They fed him clear liquids yesterday, but his sepsis is under control enough that they are going to use a PICC line tomorrow to give him nutrition by providing him with TPN (Total parenteral nutrition). 

His breathing is fine without the vent, so there has been no talk of placing him back on.  He is recieving oxygen through a nasal canula, but they have reduced the oxygen from 6L on Friday to 2L today!  They even had him sitting up in a special chair today- he is alert and when I went into see him, HE prayed for US... with his own mouth, in his own words!!!  Praise the Lord.

They are going to do a test tomorrow that will send dye through his system.  Hopefully, this will show them if there are any leaks around his stomach and intestinal area- which could present risk of further infection. 

I am still cautiously optimistic, but I wanted to allow myself to show my excitement to you all because you deserve it.  The support we have received has been nothing short of incredible and I honestly feel that God has used this situation to heal more than David's body.  Dad is not out of the woods yet, so please continue to lift him up in prayer.  Mom and Dad face a long road of recovery, but now they know that they don't have to approach it alone. 

I am really sad to be leaving, but I feel like God gave me a gift before I did.  This has been such a roller coaster of a week- it feels like a month has gone by.  Being able to hold Dad's hand and have him hold it back was something I did not expect.   Even though we are all completely exhausted- emotionally and physically- I am so greatful for this experience. 

I have to board a plane here in the next few minutes, but please continue to support mom and dad- even if they dont ask for it. 

I know I say this every time- but we love you all!!!


Meryl and the Piketts


  1. This is terrific news. We were out of town over the Thanksgiving holidays but we have been praying for David and his family. We love you all and we praise God for the terrific news this latest update brings. May God continue to give you His peace and bring further healing to David at this time.
    In Him,
    Karen and Michael Seamon
    Deep River church of Christ

  2. Thanks Karen and Michael. We appreciate your prayers and support during this time! God is amazing and we are so thankful that we can share that with everyone! Thanks again!
    -Sarah Pikett Carter