Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Hi everyone,
We have been SO blessed to have so much wonderful support from friends and family.  It has been amazing to hear and see all the love that people have for Dad (David).  

We decided that we would start a blog to keep everyone updated, as people were getting left off of the email list.  We will try to keep sending these updates in email form, too.. but if you know someone who would like to be kept up to date, please give them this website.

This is not the way that we imagined Thanksgiving would be, but we are thankful to have most everyone together, despite the circumstances.  We have so much to be thankful for and that's what we are trying to focus on right now.

One of the things that God has made evident over the last few days is just how blessed we are to be a part of this amazing family.  They have a mix of strength and compassion that is not often found.  Seeing Cheri care so tenderly for David while trying to stay strong for everyone else has really been incredible.  Sarah is the perfect mix of her mother and her father, she is a leader during crisis but is not afraid to show how much she loves us all.  Colin amazes me with how hard he works- he is always the first one to help, but never draws attention to himself...whenever anything is needed, you turn around and he's right there.  Josh continues to amaze us everyday- he has so much wisdom and find solutions to problems most cannot even begin to tackle.  Aaron bring us humor and is willing to help whenever needed.  Dad and Mom have given us so much to be thankful for in our family- so, today is still a good day :)

We thank you all for your continued support and desire to stay updated.  Please continue to pray for him!

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  1. Wow, what a great way to communicate ideas, prayers and concerns. Whoever thought of this, kudos!

    Let me start off by saying, I am truly blessed to be a part of this family. I have felt nothing but love and support from everyone, especially David, during hard times. From the time when he helped me replace the engine in our Jeep to the countless phone calls where he has helped me with other car issues, and spiritual problems. I am also reminded of the time when I asked him if I could marry Sarah. I have been through many tough times, and none have been as difficult as this was. I just remember him being calm and humble about it. I haven't known him as long as some, but long enough to know that he's a wonderful father, son, husband, brother and a role model to me. I have never known anyone so dedicated to the Lord, and such a faithful servant as David.

    I pray that the Lord will touch his body and increase his strength day by day. That his Liver will continue to heal itself, and that his body gets rid of the poison running through his veins. We truly have an awesome God, and I see it everyday. Our awesome Father in heaven knows our bodies better than we do, who better to turn to than the Lord and Creator of ALL things. I pray that the Lord would answer my prayers and bring David back from this, so that he can continue to be my role model, spiritual leader and Dad!

    We love you David, and have faith that the Lord has a plan for everyone of us, and He knows what's best. I am grateful to be apart of this family, and pray that you will continue to strengthen all of us and bring us closer together.