Thursday, November 25, 2010

Update 11/25

Hi All,

Dad was more alert today than usual, due to the fact that they have taken him off of the sedation in an attempt to prepare him for the removal of the breathing device.  They gave him nutrition this morning but unfortunately, he was not able to keep it down.  The risk of aspiration was too high to try again today but they said maybe in a little while. 

The good news is that the numbers are moving in the right direction.  I mentioned that his liver enzymes were at 400 the other day- they are now at 160! a normal range is 0-50, but considering the fact that they were at 1000 after they clotted the liver, this is much better!  Also, the nurse mentioned that his white blood cell count is going down, which is also a good sign.  His fever is hovering right around 101.5, so we really need to see that continuing to go down over the next few days.

We hope to speak with the doctors again directly to get a few questions answered tomorrow.  Hopefully we will haev more news to share. Although this is mostly good news today, Dad is still in a tough spot.  He is still fighting and needs our prayers more than ever.  Thank you all for all of your love and support- it means the world. 

We love you all so much!

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