Friday, November 26, 2010

Update: 11/26/10

Hi All,
Today started out with great news- Dad's fever went down to 99.7.  Unfortunately, by the end of the night, his fever was elevated to over 102.  The doctors ran more tests to see if there may be other bacteria in his lungs that they were unaware of and started him on an additional antibiotic that treats a wider variety of bacteria, just incase.  His breathing and heart rate have become more elevated, but that may be due to the higher temperature. 
He is not on sedatives at the moment, so all of this is extrememly uncomfortable.  They gave him ibprofen to reduce his fever, so hopefully that helps tonight.  We are hopeful that things will improve in the morning, but Dad is having a really hard time.
The doctors are really stumped at this point.  They cannot figure out why someone as healthy as dad would be having such a difficult time getting over this- they think there may be a possible infection elsewhere that they aren't aware of.  Over the next few days, they will be working hard to find it. 
Please pray that the doctors would continue to have wisdom- although they aren't completely sure what's going on, I know God is completely aware and will reveal it in his time. 
We will keep you all posted.
Meryl and the Piketts

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