Friday, November 26, 2010

"Small Baby Steps"

Hi everyone,
We are so excited to see that Dad's fever is down to 99-100 degrees this morning!  So far, this is the biggest improvement he has made in the past week!  It has been hovering around 102 for over 5 days.  We are praising God.  His doctor said he is making "small baby steps in the right direction".  His liver enzymes continue to trend to the appropriate level, so that is a good start.  Also, his blood pressure has stabilized and respiratory rate has improved as well.  He is still very, very sick and hasn't tolerated any nutrition (via OG tube), but is stable with IV fluids.  Due to his current sepsis infection, it is too risky to place a PICC line, which would provide nutrition intravenously.  They are going to try a very small amount of feeding into his stomach again today.  Please help us pray that he tolerates it and is able to absorb some of that nourishment!  We are confident that these small improvements are being made because of all the wonderful support and prayers that have been lifted up over the past few weeks.  Thanks so much!

Currently (as of noon Friday), Dad is more alert and stable.  He is coughing a lot more and trying to breath over the ventilator.  He has not been given any sedation medication over the past 16 hours, and it is beginning to wear off.  That is good and bad.  He is more alert and more annoyed by the multiple tubes down his throat.  However, he is more responsive and interacting with us.  Today, when I came to his bedside, he opened his eyes, lifted his head slightly, and turned to my voice.  He is not focusing or visually tracking yet, but is keeping his eyes open for up to a minute.  He has been trying to talk around the vent and tubes.  It is not working, but we are trying to figure out other ways for him to communicate with us.  The wonderful nurses here gave him a much needed bath and shave today.  :)  He had a good 7-day beard. 

We would like to continue limiting visitors to family and elders/pastors due to risk of infection and Dad's need to rest.  However, it is nice to have people visit mom and sit with her for a few minutes.  It has been nice to have that added support since we (the kids) are busy with other things as well.  Josh and Colin are getting as much done around the house today and tomorrow.  If anyone in interested in helping out with handy-man or cleaning types of activities, call Josh: 336-430-5869 or Meryl: 336-207-8434.

Again, we appreciate all the love, support and prayers we have received over the past few weeks.  Please keep them coming! 


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