Saturday, November 27, 2010

Update: 11/27/10

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to give a quick update this morning.  Dad's fever was down slightly this morning, but everything is much the same.  Eventhough we have a tendancy to hope that when we wake up, he will be completely better, I realize that things take time and instead, I am giving thanks for the fact that things were not worse this morning than they were last night.  He is even more alert this morning and even asked Mom to roll him over.  He needs pain control now, because the sedatives are gone.
Please pray for his comfort, that the additional antibiotic they added would wipe out whatever other infection is in his body and that we would have patience as a family.
We decided to change Josh's ticket, so he will be staying an additional week.  I have to head home on Monday, but will keep everyone updated all the same.
We love you all,
Meryl and the Piketts

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